Do I need Orthotics?

Do I need orthotics?

As podiatrists we see many people complaining of foot and lower leg pain which may be relieved with the aid of orthotics. Having bad foot posture can also aggravate existing conditions like knee, hip, and lower backpain.

An orthotic is a device such as a splint, support or brace used to help correct or improve the function of movable parts of the body.

Orthotic Held to foot

In podiatry, orthotics are typically inserts that go inside your shoes to help with walking or running issues by changing how your foot strikes the ground.  They are customised for you, unlike “off the shelf” inserts.

When we prescribe an orthotic for you our prescription aims to reduce the specific pain and symptoms you are experiencing. Often with the added benefit of easing other related pain. Orthotics, can also help with diabetic foot ulcers, painful calluses, and other issues that cause pain when walking.

If you think you may benefit from wearing orthotics, please contact us for advice. The orthotics we choose to use are World Class and our Podiatrists are too. We can help you return to comfort quickly so that you can get on with more important things in life.

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    Orthotics can be hard or soft cushioning or corrective depending on your problem, footwear, activity and what you can tolerate.

    Phits 3D printed Orthotics
    Phits 3D printed Orthotics

    At Cheshire Foot Clinic we prescribe 3D printed orthotics which are manufactured using data from a scan of your foot and gait cycle and information gathered from a seated, standing and dynamic assessment by our podiatrists.

    How do I know if I need orthotics?

    There are some people who won’t require orthotics. Everyone is unique, so some people may live their entire lives without experiencing any pain or injuries to their feet or lower limbs.

    It is suggested that if you have been or are currently experiencing any pain in your feet or legs, an orthotic may be what you need. Orthotics work by redistributing pressure and rate of loading and you may only need your orthotics temporarily whilst your pain or injury settles and we help you to rehabilitate.

    A podiatrist is the best candidate to make an orthotics recommendation because they can perform a thorough evaluation that includes a biomechanical evaluation after taking a detailed history of your pain and issue. This will enable the podiatrist to determine whether you would benefit from an orthotic and what alternative treatments you might want to try.

    Below, we have listed four indications that orthotics may be beneficial for you.

    1. You have experienced foot pain and/or swelling – If you have been experiencing foot pain or swelling before, during or after activities, including standing or simple daily activities, it is not normal, and you should not have to endure unnecessary foot pain. We can assess your condition and determine if you would benefit from an orthotic, in addition to offering other essential advice. In conjunction with other treatments, an orthotic may be prescribed to help relieve and redistribute pressures under the foot.
    2. You’ve suffered an injury – If you have recently sustained an injury to your hip, knee, leg, or ankle, it may be affecting the way you walk or run, causing you to compensate and experience additional pain. This may be affecting the pressure you place on your feet and overworking other parts of your feet and lower legs. Orthotics can assist in limiting and controlling excessive foot movement and offloading painful areas. This can also help reduce the likelihood of experiencing additional pain or injury.
    3. Your shoes are worn unevenly – Examine the tread on your footwear. While most of our shoes begin to wear out after we’ve had them for a while and worn them frequently, uneven tread wear on one side of your shoe or differences between the two shoes may indicate that your foot rolls excessively inwards or outwards.
    4. You frequently experience instability – If we have a foot type that moves excessively through the arch, such as excessive inward or outward rolling, we may feel unstable and lack confidence when walking or standing. Orthotics can provide stability and support, as well as reduce pain and the risk of falling.

    If you are still not sure if orthotics are for you download a copy of our leaflet: 
    Why Wear Orthotics