If you have foot pain or deformity our podiatrist may prescribe orthotics as part of your treatment. These are special insoles which fit into your footwear and should be worn as much as possible. To determine what types of orthotic will work best for you the podiatrist will do a biomechanical assessment.

This starts by taking a detailed history of the problem and may include a visual assessment of a selection of your existing footwear, a seated and standing assessment of your posture, feet and lower limbs including joint movements and foot shape. You may be asked to stand and walk/run across a Footscan plate to identify areas of high pressure on your feet or anomalies in your gait.

When attending an appointment for a biomechanics assessment It is important that you bring a selection of your most regularly worn footwear and a pair of shorts to change into for your assessment this will enable your podiatrist to give you a full examination and check your knee and hip positions. 

Following the assessment your podiatrist will discuss the options open to you. Orthotics can be modified, off the shelf, or bespoke depending on the problem being treated, their intended use, your footwear, lifestyle and your budget.

We use a variety of manufacturers to provide bespoke and off the shelf orthotics. Off the shelf orthoses can be modified in the clinic by your podiatrist to provide a semi-bespoke device which is comfortable for you to wear and fits your footwear.

We are very proud to offer Phits 3D printed orthoses which are fully bespoke and manufactured with a 3D printer using the combined data from your dynamic Footscan and your podiatrist’s prescription.

Please make an appointment for an assessment.

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