Cheshire Foot Clinic

Developed to improve your foot and ankle functions

Following assessment of your feet within an initial consultation. A treatment plan will be discussed with you which may include foot mobilisation therapy.

This is a manual therapy, specifically developed to improve your foot and ankle function by targeting stiff, dysfunctional joints. It is used in combination with other treatment modalities such as Exercise Rehabilitation Therapy and orthotics.

This form of manual therapy involves gently moving the soft tissues and joints of the foot and ankle in specific ways to treat the cause of foot pain, rather than simply treating the symptom. Mobilising joints increases the synovial fluid to the area which is vital in joint lubrication to improve joint movement.

If you think you have a problem that might benefit from Mobilisation Therapy, please: Book an Appointment

If you need help please call 01565 655840 or email our team for advice with your booking.

Chat to us to see if mobilisation might help your foot problem. Or download our guide: Better Ways to Keep Your Feet Healthy