Cheshire Foot Clinic

Improving the comfort and shape of problem nails

Your ingrowing, infected or painful nail has been assessed as suitable for nail surgery.

Nail surgery is an effective procedure routinely undertaken by our Podiatrists to permanently improve the comfort and shape of problem nails.


IMPORTANT: If you have been booked in for nail surgery on one toe, please click here to set up your payment plan

If you are have been booked in for nail surgery on two toes please click here to set up your payment plan.

Thank you.

Please read the pre-op information below prior to attending clinic for your surgery.


You will have been given a thorough assessment, your options discussed, a thorough explanation of the procedure and an opportunity to ask questions before our Podiatrist decided to go ahead with your nail surgery.

You may also have already signed your consent to proceed with the nail surgery. If not this will be done on the day prior to your procedure.

Please feel free to ask any questions you may have before, during or after the procedure.


Have something to eat and drink and make sure you arrive in plenty of time for your appointment.

Bring with you open toe sandals to wear after the procedure

Ask a friend or family member to collect you afterwards.This procedure is done under local anaesthetic so you will not be able to drive yourself home after the procedure as your insurance will be void.

If you are under 16 or anxious we can accommodate a friend or family member to support you during the surgery. You can also bring headphones to listen to music if this helps you to relax.


You will need to go home and rest for the remainder of the day with your leg elevated and return to clinic for redressing the following day.

You may be advised to take paracetamol before going to bed to relieve any post operative pain. 

A leaflet of useful post operative advice will be given to you when you leave the clinic after your surgery.


You will return to clinic for redressing. Dressings will be provided as part of your treatment package and we will teach you how to change your dressings at home the day after surgery.


As well as the follow up appointment the day after your surgery we will see you again to check healing usually one month after surgery and you can contact us anytime you are concerned about the healing progress of your toe.


If you have had just part of the nail removed we would expect this to be healed by now. If you have had the whole nail removed healing may take a few weeks longer. 

This photo shows one of our recent nail surgery patients less than 6 weeks postoperatively.


Remember: If you need help please call or email our team for advice.