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Help prevent foot problems occurring

Patients with diabetes and other health issues can develop foot problems resulting from loss of sensation and/or poor circulation. If you have diabetes, it is important that your feet are assessed annually to identify signs of change early, advise you on managing your feet and plan any ongoing care you need to help prevent foot problems from occurring.

During a foot assessment our Podiatrists will look at the following: general health assessment, medication, risk factors, general foot health assessment and mobility, vision and ability to care for your own feet.

Circulation: Our Podiatrist will feel your foot and leg pulses and listen to them using a doppler. If necessary, ankle and toe pressures will be taken.

Neurology: Your reflexes may be tested and an assessment of your ability to feel light touch, vibration, and differentiate between blunt and sharp sensations in your feet will be made.

This is done to check if you have lost any sensation and used together with other parts of your assessment to determine if you are able to protect your feet from damage.

Following your assessment, our Podiatrist will be able to give you education and advice specific to you and work with you to formulate a treatment plan to prevent foot problems from occurring. With your permission, our Podiatrist will share this information with your general practitioner.

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Keeping Your Feet Healthy When You Have Diabetes