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Have you been told that you need orthotics?

Do you:

  • Have foot pain and you’re not sure what to do or who to ask?
  • Think you might need orthotics but you’re not sure if they will work for you?
  • Feel confused about which orthotics are right for you?
  • Avoid going for walks because of your pain?
  • Have recurring foot, ankle, back or knee pain?
  • Have expensive orthotics but you are still in pain?
  • Have orthotics but they are too big to fit into shoes other than your trainers?
  • Get frustrated that your foot pain is stopping you from doing the things that you love?

At Cheshire Foot Clinic we like to work with our patients to ensure the best outcome possible. Our team of Podiatrists at Cheshire Foot Clinic have extensive experience in prescription of orthotics to sports people and receive referrals from orthopaedic surgeons who recognise their knowledge and attention to detail when treating complex foot problems.

What are Orthotics?

If you have foot pain or deformity you may have been told that you need orthotics, our Podiatrists prescribe orthotics as part of the treatment for many painful foot problems and injuries. Orthotics are special insoles which fit into your footwear and should be worn as much as possible. Often patients come to our Podiatrists because they have been told they need orthotics some have already been prescribed orthotics but are still in pain. Our Podiatrists will work with you to ensure that they provide orthotics that fit your footwear, lifestyle and are comfortable.

At Cheshire Foot Clinic we use a variety of bespoke and off the shelf orthotic solutions to improve your comfort in sporting and everyday life. To determine what types of orthotic will work best for you our Podiatrist will do a Biomechanical / Musculoskeletal Assessment

This starts by taking a detailed history of the problem and may include a visual assessment of a selection of your existing footwear, a seated and standing assessment of your posture, feet and lower limbs including joint movements and foot shape. You may be asked to stand and walk/run across a Dynamic Footscan plate to identify areas of high pressure on your feet or anomalies in your gait.

Our Podiatrist will use this information to determine what type of orthotic and prescribe the modifications that will best work for you. Orthotics can be modified off the shelf, or bespoke depending on the problem being treated, their intended use, your footwear, lifestyle and budget.

We use a variety of manufacturers and suppliers to provide bespoke and off the shelf orthotics. Our off the shelf orthoses can be modified in the clinic by our Podiatrists to provide a semi-bespoke device which is comfortable for you to wear and fits your footwear.

At Cheshire Foot Clinic we arevery proud to offer Phits 3D printed orthoses which are fully bespoke and manufactured with a 3D printer using the combined data from your dynamic Footscan and our Podiatrist’s prescription from your biomechanical assessment.Phits orthotics are worn by some of Britain’s top athletes and provide outstanding comfort and support.

Here’s one of our patients James Kemp, Park Run’s Global Operations Manager, with his Phits orthotics.


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