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What to expect when you come for an assessment

When you make an appointment for the first time you will be booked in for an assessment depending on the type of problems that you are having.

We offer 3 types of assessment:

  • Routine Initial Assessment
  • Biomechanical/ MSK
  • Annual Diabetic Foot (Neurological and Vascular) Assessment

If you need help deciding what type of assessment you need please call 01565 655840 or email our team for help with your booking.

Routine Initial Assessment

For those patients who require treatment for skin or nail related problems such as corns, calluses, lesions fungal infections or verrucae we offer a routine initial assessment.

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Biomechanical or Musculoskeletal (MSK) Assessment

Our Podiatrists also carry out Biomechanical or Musculoskeletal assessments (MSK), these are extended assessments arranged for patients that are experiencing pain or following injury and focus on how they walk and run (their gait), examining their posture and how their hip, knee, ankle and foot joints move and their muscle strength to diagnose the cause of the problem and prescribe a treatment plan.

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Annual Diabetic Foot /Neurological and Vascular Assessment

Patients with diabetes and other health issues can develop foot problems resulting from loss of sensation and/or poor circulation. If you have diabetes, it is important that your feet are assessed annually to identify signs of change early, advise you on managing your feet and plan any ongoing care you need to help prevent foot problems occurring.

In addition to people with diabetes, people with rheumatoid arthritis, poor circulation (vascular disease), kidney disease and neurological conditions also benefit from this type of assessment and regular podiatry appointments.

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If you want to find out more, please: Book an Appointment

If you need help deciding what type of assessment you need, please call 01565 655840 or email our team for advice with your booking.

Or chat to us and tell us more about your problem.