Cheshire Foot Clinic

Why come to see us with your Foot Problems?

We often ignore bodily aches and pains which in the long term can wreak havoc in many ways. Most of us are likely to take our feet for granted and ignore aches and pains for long periods of time before we act upon them.

The feet carry our weight and most of the impact from our daily activities, making the chances of developing problems high. Overlooked, foot pain and problems often get worse.

You might be one of the many people who put up with foot pain and discomfort every day and letting foot and lower limb problems significantly affect your quality of life and stopping you doing what you love doing most whether that be playing a favourite sport or simply walking the dog. Our Podiatrists can help you get that back.

Our Podiatrists spend 3 years studying to practice their profession and continuously refresh and expand their knowledge of the foot and lower limb during their career.

The podiatrists at Cheshire Foot Clinic have over 50 years of clinical experience and are able to assess, diagnose and treat the vast majority of foot and lower limb problems.