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More common than you think

Did you know that knee pain is the second most prevalent musculoskeletal disorder among injuries to adults, adolescents and physically active populations? With most common symptoms being

  1. Pain:
    • During and after physical activity
    • When bearing body weight in walking up/ downstairs,
    • On squatting
    • Sitting with the knees flexed
  2. Crepitus while flexing and extending the knee
  3. Sensations of stiffness and sensations of swelling
  4. Giving and catching
  5. Instability

Causes are multifactorial and they can be the symptoms of many different conditions. If you have experienced some of these symptoms, you may have tried to treat your knee pain at home by first avoiding- pain causing activities such as heavy loading of the joint – for example excessive stair walking or squatting and avoiding prolonged sitting with knees flexed. Perhaps you have tried an ice pack or bag of frozen peas wrapped in a towel and taking paracetamol to try to control the pain and swelling? Still, your knee pain is not going away, and you are worried you might need surgery.

Why not book an appointment to see one of the Cheshire Foot Clinic Podiatrists. At your appointment our Podiatrist will carry out a full biomechanical assessment, examining the functionality of your knee, hip and foot joints which will enable them to prescribe orthotics, footwear and exercise rehabilitation therapy to optimise your function and work with you to:

  • Develop an exercise programme to gradually load and strengthen your knee. Your knee joint is designed to be loaded. “You do not get more Osteoarthritis by being physically active”. Movement and load nourish the joints so strengthening the muscles around the knees and hip will help to keep joints healthier and more able to cope with load.
  • Choose the best footwear for you.
  • Design and fit comfortable off the shelf/ bespoke orthotics which will fit into your footwear to aid with the realignment of you lower limb and optimise your function.

If you want to find out more, please: Book an Appointment

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Knee Pain – Do You Know?