Cheshire Foot Clinic

What to expect when you visit us for the first time

When you book an appointment to come to the clinic for the first time you will receive a form to complete and reminders of your appointment. Please let our Receptionist know if you have any special requirements.

Please try to arrive on time for your appointment. Our Podiatrists do their best to work efficiently and keep to appointment times but inevitably there is the occasional delay and our Receptionist will keep you informed if this should happen.

Our Podiatrist will come to collect you from the waiting room to take you for your assessment appointment.

At your first appointment we will take a detailed history of your problem, medical information, discuss your treatment goals and carry out an examination. Once our Podiatrist has completed your assessment, they will give you a diagnosis of your problem, discuss the treatment options available to you and provide initial treatment for problems affecting the skin and nails. 

When attending an appointment for a Biomechanical/ Musculoskeletal Assessment It is important that you bring a selection of your most regularly worn footwear for our Podiatrist to assess and a pair of shorts to change into for your examination this will enable our Podiatrist to give you a full examination and check your knee and hip function as necessary.

Our Podiatrist will provide a bespoke treatment plan for you to take away summarising the advice and information that has been discussed and suggesting your next steps.

If you want to find out more, please: Book an Appointment

If you need help deciding what type of assessment you need, please call 01565 655840 or email our team for advice with your booking.

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5 Common Foot Problems You Need to Know About