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Better Ways to Keep Your Feet Healthy

One of the more underrated parts of physical well-being is foot care. When your feet are in tip-top shape, you can do more than just walk. You can run, skip, jump, and participate in healthy activities like hiking and swimming. Your body relies heavily on the bones and joints in each foot, as your total body weight is supported by your feet. This includes standing and being able to keep your balance. Good foot health is extremely important to one’s overall state.

This is especially vital for people with conditions like diabetes and autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and lupus. There’s a large supply of over-the-counter remedies in the market because there’s a constant demand for them. People generally spend millions every year on foot care products which can be saved by simply taking good care of one’s feet!

Follow these simple steps on how to take care of your feet to keep them in the best possible shape:

Stay clean and dry

Wash your feet regularly, and make sure to dry carefully especially between your toes. This lessens the possibility of any fungus or other infections. It also lowers the chances of developing any unwanted odors that could develop into long-term bromodosis.

Choose the right shoes

No matter what you wear, be it closed leather shoes or sneakers, alternate your footwear and air them out! When buying new footwear, be sure to try walking in them and, if possible, running and jumping. If you have a foot that’s slightly bigger, get that size. If you have new shoes only wear them for an hour or two initially, that way if they are rubbing you wont do too much damage.


Giving your feet a workout ensures consistent blood circulation. Simply taking a walk can serve as the exercise it needs. Take brisk walks for at least half an hour several times in a week.


Like every other part of your body, feet will benefit greatly from rest. Try to elevate them for a few minutes while you’re lying down or reclining in a chair. Give them a nice massage with your hands; a tennis ball, golf ball, or something similar works also.

Maintain your toenails

No need to see a professional if you can do it yourself, right? Cut your toenails just right by leaving them just a little longer than your toe tips. Do it in a straight motion. That way, you can avoid any ingrown toenails.

If you’re not sure if you need to see a podiatrist, give yourself a foot exam first. Some things to look out for include pain, changes in your foot’s color and temperature, calluses, redness, swelling, or tenderness. If you have any of these issues make time to see a podiatrist. There could be bigger issues at hand, as there are some cases wherein symptoms manifest in one’s feet before anything else.

Feet are often taken for granted. Being more proactive about caring for them can make a big difference. You don’t have to have conditions such as impaired mobility or diabetes to get started. Everyone can benefit from good foot care.

Suspect you may have diabetic foot or need help with an ingrown toenail? Looking to get a foot assessment? Contact Cheshire Foot Clinic today!